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Discussion list of the H-NET network about the Horn of Africa.

Recent Horn of Africa related articles in JEAS

10 mai 2021

The Journal of Eastern African Studies regularly publishes articles with a focus on the Horn of Africa. Here are the latest, from Vol 15.1: Dialoguing and negotiating with Al-Shabaab: the role of clan elders as insider-partial mediators Mohammed Ibrahim Shire Issue 15.1: 1-22 (...)

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CFP Deadline Extended to March 1 | Empires in World History, World History Connected

15 mars 2021

World History Connected, a 14-year-old affiliate

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Mosques in Sub-Saharan Africa : Muslim Architectures (Online)

1er mars 2021

This two-day online course introduces participants to Muslim architecture in Sub-Saharan Africa. Following an introduction on Islamic architecture and mosques, the first session will explore mosques in West Africa, from the Sahara to the tropical forests. The second session will look at the (...)

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Water Governance : Concepts, Policy and Practice (Online)

1er mars 2021

Building on the experience of AKU’s British Academy water research project, this two-day online course will introduce participants to major themes and policy frameworks in water governance with a focus on experiences of community-based water management in the Global South. The course aims to (...)

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Black Monuments Matter - Online Exhibition

12 octobre 2020

Black Monuments Matter recognises and highlights African contributions to world history by exhibiting World Heritage Monuments and architectural treasures from Sub-Saharan Africa. Black Monuments Matter aspires to create links to living African heritage by making it visible, assessable and (...)

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