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The Berhanou Abebe library for Ethiopian studies

The Berhanou Abebe library for Ethiopian studies is open to everyone, from 8:30 am till 12:30 am and from 2:00 pm till 5:00 pm, on Monday to Friday. It houses over 8200 volumes, among wich about a hundred ancient or rare books, and 1130 journals volumes, in European or Ethiopian languages.

The Berhanou Abebe library for Ethiopian studies, named after the eminent French-speaking Ethiopian historian and literary man, who passed away in 2008, is at heart of the French Centre for Ethiopian Studies.

The collection is made of books and journals in French, English, and other European languages, as well as an important collection of works in Ethiopian languages (both academic works and fictions).

It also includes an important collection of journals made of seven complete collections of Ethiopian journals published in Amharic and in English ; the oldest ones are archived since 1934.

The library additionally houses a collection of maps which is useful in order to plan research trips before going to the field.

Thanks to this collection, the library of the CFEE is one of the most important research libraries of the region. It covers several broad scientific domains : Palaeontology, Archaeology, History, Art History, Philology, Linguistics, Literature, Anthropology, Sociology, Geography, Political Sciences, and Economy.
A computerised catalogue including all books and scientific journals is available in the library upon request. All books, journals and maps need to be read on site.