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Funded research programmes

ANR OLD – The OLDowan: emergence and evolution of an early hominid culture in eastern Africa

The ANR OLD is a transdisciplinary research aiming to understand the effect of environmental and biological pressure on the Oldowan culture emergence and evolution, with in the local context of a valley (lower Omo Valley, Shungura formation), in comparision with the regional context (Eastern Africa) before 1,8 million years.

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ANR EthioChrisProcess - Christianization and religious interactions in Ethiopia (6th-13th century): comparative approaches with Nubia and Egypt

The historical and archaeological EthioChrisProcess project aims to study the Christianisation in Ethiopia as a process, paying attention to the period following the first conversion of the 4th century. The goal is to analyse the "second Christianisation" as a phase that extend over several centuries, from the monasticism introduction (from the 6th century) until the reign of saints-kings dynasty, the Zagwe (11th-13th centuries).

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ERC HornEast – Horn & Crescent. Connections, Mobility and Exchange between the Horn of Africa and the Middle East in the Middle Ages

The ERC HornEast project aims to document the relationships between Christian societies of the Horn of Africa (Ethiopia, Nubia) and their Islamic environment, at local and regional scales (Egypt, Palestine, Arabic Peninsula), in order to better understand the Islamisation process happening in the region during the Middle Age millennium (7th – 15th centuries).

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ANR EthioMap: Cartographic sources and territorial transformations of Ethiopia since the late 18th century

The EthioMap project offers an online consultation of a selection of maps that illustrate either scientific advances or significant political developments in understanding Ethiopian territorial dynamics. Each map is indexed, listing all topographic information, comparing their occurrences and transcriptions from one map to another.

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ANR PANSER - Southern natural heritage: a small-scale global history

The ANR PANSER project aims to contribute to produce a global history of the cultural heritage instrumentation, on the basis of the Ethiopian documentation and considering the area from the equatorial Africa to the China Sea. The objective is to follow accross the 20th century the participants (botanists or foresters, geographs or advisors, experts or consultants) who circulate in green spaces, to the point that create an Afro-Asian bio-patrimonial area.

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