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Scientific events

The CFEE organises many scientific events (workshops, journées d’étude, international conferences) in Ethiopia, elsewhere in the Horn of Africa, or even outside of the region, alone or with its partners.

Follow the news of these events on the CFEE blog.


20th International Conference of Ethiopian Studies. Regional and Global Ethiopia – Interconnections ad Identities (ICES 20) , 1-5 Octobre 2018, Mekelle, symposium organised by the University of Mekelle, in partnership with the CFEE. Researchers of the CFEE were able to present their work to the Ethiopian scientific community, thanks to panels and presentations.
To learn more, check the conference reports on the CFEE blog, or the conference website.

 Displacements in Ethiopia, SCA Biennial Meeting, 20 April 2018, Addis Abeba, symposium organised by the Society for Cultural Anthropology an the Society for Visual Anthropology, through video panels and local nodes happening in more than 40 countries. In the context of this international symposium, the CFEE, and in particular the researchers Anaïs Maro and Constance Perrin-Joly, organised a local node in Addis Abeba. Several video documentaries were screened and a round table invited recsearchers of the CFEE and of different Ethiopian universities, specialists of the United Nations and of the African Union, consultants and NGOs representants.
To learn more, check the conference report on the CFEE blog or the conference website


The First World War from Tripoli to Mogadishu (1911-1924), « How, because of two wild beasts the world was set alight », 30 September-1rst October 2016, Addis Abeba, organised by the CFEE and the Universities of Addis Abeba, Macerata, Pavia and of Roma Tre, in order to analyse the impact of the WWI confict in Africa, Asia, Middle East and in Latine America.
To learn more, check the article on the CFEE blog or the conference website


African Armies in Multilateral Peace Support Operations. Social and Professional Changes at Stake, 25-26 April 2016, Addis-Abeba, workshop organised by the CFEE in partnership with the Observatoire pluriannuel des enjeux politiques et sécuritaires dans la Corne de l’Afrique, LAM (UMR 5115), Sciences Po Bordeaux, Région Aquitaine, DGRIS and the Université libre de Bruxelles, concerning the contribution of the African armies in international peace support operations on the continent, and how it affects armies and state institutions.
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Migration and Exile in the Horn of Africa: State of Knowledge and Current Debates, 17-18 November 2015, Khartoum, international conference organised by the CFEE, the CEDEJ-Khartoum and the University of Khartoum.
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 Coping with Climate and Environment Changes in Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa, 7-9 April 2015, Addis-Abeba, international symposium organised by the CFEE, the Institut français, the French embassy in Ethiopia, the Horn of Africa Regional Environment Centre and Network (HoA-REC&N) and the Alliance éthio-française of Addis Abeba. It was the scientific part of an event organised by the French embassy in Ethiopia in order to prepare the COP 21 of December 2015.
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