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Evolution: An International Research Seminar in Eastern Africa. Paleobiodiversity, Paleobiology, Prehistory, Paleoenvironments

Seminar organised by Behailu Habte (ARCCH), Jean-Renaud Boisserie (CNRS/CFEE), and Yonas Beyene (ARCC-Hawassa/CFEE).

This seminar launched in November 2015 is jointly organised by the CFEE and the training department of the Authority for Research and Conservation of Cultural Heritage (training unit, Cultural Heritage Collection and Laboratory Services Directorate), National Museum, Addis Ababa. It aims at reinforcing scientific exchanges in the field of deep time evolutionary studies in a broad sense, a field that is particularly active in Ethiopia. The seminarincludes research on human fossils as well, but one of its major characteristics lies in the multiplicity of the approaches and topics presented. Moreover, the works that are presented are not restricted in terms of time range and location. Communications deal with the Paleobiology of vertebrates and of other organisms, prehistoric cultures, and paleoenvironmental and paleoecological reconstructions –in other words, with all aspects of the past evolutions of the biosphere. Communications on methodological aspects are also very welcomed. The targeted audience consists inscholars and students interested in the fields of Earth Sciences, Archaeology, Biology, and Environmental Sciences. This seminar is mainly based on the two following research programs of the CFEE: ‘Omo Group Research Expedition’ (Mission Paléoanthropologique dans l’Omo, directed by Jean-Renaud Boisserie) and ‘Later Prehistory in the Horn of Africa’.

Sessions of 2015-2016 (all the sessions take place at the ARCCH, grand auditorium)
  12th of November 2015: Gildas Merceron (IPHEP, CNRS), “The extinction of great apes in Eurasia: environmental context revealed by ungulate teeth”
[image.png] 19th of February 2016: Alice Leplongeon (Marie Curie Fellow, McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research/University of Cambridge/MNHN), “The Middle and Late Stone Age of south-eastern Ethiopia: new data from Porc-Epic and Goda Buticha cave sites”
[image.png] 11th of March 2016: Clément Ménard (Fyssen Foundation/University of Florida/Université de Toulouse), “The Late Stone Age of the Horn of Africa: Views from the Main Ethiopian Rift”
  4th of April 2016: Lamya Khalidi (CEPAM, CNRS) & the VAPOR-Afar team, “Preliminary results of the VAPOR-Afar project: Paleoenviroment, human settlement and obsidian circulation in the Late Stone Age and Ceramic Neolithic of the lake Abhe basin, Lower Awash, Afar”
  10th of May 2016: Tomas Getachew (ARCCH), “Morphological and dietary evolution of Elephas recki from the Pliocene-Pleistocene Shungura Formation (Lower Omo, Ethiopia)”
  9th of June 2016: Christopher A. Brochu (University of Iowa), “The Giant Horned Crocodiles that Ate our Ancestors”
  22nd of June 2016: Yared Assefa (ARCCH), “Paleoecology and Dietary Adaptation of Plio-Pleistocene Giraffes from Shungura Formation, Lower Omo valley, Ethiopia”
  10th of August 2016: Antoine Souron (PACEA, UMR 5199/LabEx Sciences Archéologiques, Bordeaux), “Environmental constraints and iterative convergent adaptations to grass-rich diets in Neogene and Quaternary African suids: An overview of morphological and ecological data”

The sessions of the current academic year are announced on the blog of the CFEE.
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