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Contemporary Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa

Coordination : David Ambrosetti et Thomas Guindeuil (CFEE).

aunched in 2014, this interdisciplinary seminar aims at presenting works in progress related to contemporary social and political issues in Ethiopia and in the Horn of Africa. Since each session is jointly organised with a partner university, this seminar offers the opportunity to reinforce or initiate scientific partnerships on various topics such as the History and Anthropology of the Ethiopian health system, the stakes of farming land registration, the diaspora, and the construction of the State in Ethiopia. It is a privileged place for scientific exchanges on the new research programs of the CFEE related to contemporaries issue, ‘Migrations in/from the Horn of Africa’, ‘The developmental state in action in contemporary Ethiopia’, and ‘Peace and security’ in particular.

The sessions of the current academic year are announced on the blog of the CFEE.
Follow all the news of the research program ‘Migrations in/from the Horn of Africa’on the blog of the CFEE.
Follow all the news of the research program‘The developmental state in action in contemporary Ethiopia’on the blog of the CFEE.
Follow all the news of the research program ‘Peace and security’ on the blog of the CFEE.

Sessions since December 2014
 12th of December 2014 (Addis Ababa University, Anthropology Department) : Vanessa Pedrotti (Université d’Aix-Marseille/IMAF), “Disease, an actor in the construction of the Ethiopian Empire. The example of leprosy”
  6th of January 2015 (Mekelle University, Political Science Department) : Alice Judell (University of Sydney), “Land Management in Gambella and the Role of the State”, and Mehdi Labzaé (Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne / CESSP), “Cadastre and Land Investment in Benishangul-Gumuz and Gambella : Opportunities and Challenges”
  13th of February 2015 (Addis Ababa University, History Departement) : Boris Adjemian (IMAF), “Rereading the History of Foreigners in Ethiopia : the Case of the Armenians”
  3rd of March 2015 (Addis Ababa University, Institute for Ethiopian Studies), Sabine Planel (IRD), “Agricultural extension in rural Wolayta : Managements of the fertilizer debt”
  11th of March 2015 (Addis Ababa University, Anthropology Department) : Benoît Gaudin (Université de Versailles, IRD, Addis Ababa University), “East-African Runners : Socially-Constructed Sport Abilities and Migration Networks”
  23rd of March 2015 (Addis Ababa University, Center for Environmental Sciences):Renée Moreaux (Michael Succow Foundation), “Potential analysis of the development of biosphere reserves in Ethiopia”
  16th of April 2015 (Addis Ababa University, Center for African and Oriental Studies):Sebabatso Manoeli (University of Oxford), “Imag(in)ing the SPLM/A (1983-1989)”
  17th of April 2015 (Addis Ababa University, Center for Environmental Sciences) : Julia Blocher (Sciences Po Paris/Université de Liège), “Livelihoods under stress : population movements in response to extreme climate change scenarios”
  6th of May 2015 (Addis Ababa University, Anthropology Department) : Jean-Baptiste Eczet (Fondation Fyssen-PPGAS/Museu Nacional, Rio de Janeiro), “Beyond symbolism and economy : the attachment of people and cattle in Mursi land (Omo Valley, Ethiopia)”
  8th of June 2015 (Berhanou Abebe library of Ethiopian stuties of the CFEE) : Mehdi Labzaé (Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne / CRSSP), “Coffee and the cadastre : Historical roots and latest developments of the Goderé conflicts”
  20th of October 2015 (CFEE) : Katarzyna E. Grabska (Graduate Institute of International Relations and Development Studies, Genève) and Marina de Regt (University of Amsterdam), “Time to look at girls : Migrants in Bangladesh and Ethiopia”, screening of a documentary realised by the researchers followed by a debate
  26th of October 2015 (Addis Ababa University, Institute of Ethiopian Studies) : Pierre Guidi (IRD, IMAF), “Forcing the Door of the Nation : Protestantism, Education, and Ethiopian Nationhood in Wolaita (1941-1991)”
  29th of October 2015 (Addis Ababa University, Political Sciences Department):Harris Mylonas (George Washington University, Washington D.C.), “The Strategic Logic of Diaspora Management”
  3rd of December 2015 (Addis Ababa University, Center of African and Oriental Studies) : Clara Lecadet (EHESS) and Medareshaw Tafesse Melkamu (Ethiopian Police College), “The expulsion of Ethiopian workers from Saudi Arabia (2013-2014)”
  4th of December 2015 (CFEE) : Samsom A. Bezabeh (Univ. Leiden / EHESS / Mekerere University), “Beyond Time and Place : Yemenis in Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa”
  3rd of March 2016 (Addis Ababa University, Department of Linguistics and Philology), Yvonne Treis (CNRS-LLACAN), “‘Eat me, ground !’ – Orders, blessings and curses in Kambaata”
  15th of March 2016 (CFEE), Sébastien Roux (CNRS-LIST-Cas), “Good families. The Moralization & Ethicization of Transnational Adoption (France –Ethiopia)”