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The French Center for Ethiopian Studies (CFEE) is a French Research Institute Abroad (IFRE) of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs (MEAE) as well as the National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS / INSHS). This Center, based in Addis Ababa, is the result of nearly a century of scientific collaboration between France and Ethiopia.

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The CFEE scientific blog

The blog of the scientific activities of the du CFEE.
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Annales d’Éthiopie, vol. 32 on Persée

17 June 2021

Annales d’Éthiopie, vol. 33

25 May 2021

Djibouti, des paysages et des Hommes

25 May 2021

Archaeology in Ethiopia: Current research (CFEE-AAU seminar)

19 April 2021

Atlas 2021 – France > Corne de l’Afrique | séjour de recherche postdoctoral

29 March 2021

Premiers pasteurs-potiers de l’Afar

22 January 2021

Prospections Awash-Akaki

21 January 2021

Atlas 2021 Postdoctoral research grants

20 January 2021

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Other news

Calenda Afrique

The «Afrique» flux from Calenda.

Agriculture et développement durable dans le contexte de la pandémie de covid-19

30 July 2021

Akofena, n°5 - varia

28 July 2021

Interroger la construction des politiques migratoires africaines

19 July 2021

Reli'lart. Repères littéraires, langagiers et artistiques - varia

19 July 2021

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News from IFRE.

Directeur.trice scientifique du Département d’archéologie et histoire de l’Antiquité (DAHA)

1 July 2021

Face au VIH / sida

29 June 2021

The Late Petra Project: an Archaeological Study of Settlement in Post-Urban Petra

28 June 2021

China Perspectives 2021| 2

25 June 2021

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News from the H-NET network about the Horn of Africa.

Recent Horn of Africa related articles in JEAS

10 May 2021

CFP Deadline Extended to March 1 | Empires in World History, World History Connected

15 March 2021

Mosques in Sub-Saharan Africa: Muslim Architectures (Online)

1 March 2021

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